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Belgian Butter Waffle

Thin butter waffle style butter biscuit

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Continental Biscuit Selection

14 varieties of delicate biscuits, 12 coated in milk, plain or white chocolate.

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Butter Royale Biscuits

Rolled butter cookie with vanilla flavour.

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Fairtrade Speculoos (Wrapped)

Individual wrapped single biscuit. Fair Trade certified for cane sugar, honey and cinnamon.

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Choc Chip Speculoos (Wrapped)

Individual wrapped single biscuit with choc chips

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All Butter Sweet Palmier

Baked to a traditional recipe using finest raw ingredients. Topped with crystalised sugar. H 30mm approx.

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Pralinettes With Dark Chocolate

Oven baked biscuit with a gianduja filling and covered with a thin chocolate disc.

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All-Butter Sable Biscuit

All-butter sable with light sugar coating.

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All Butter Puff Pastry Biscuits - Gouda Cheese and Mixed Seeds

All butter puff pastry cube-shaped biscuits made with Dutch gouda cheese, sprinkled with liinseeds and sunflower seeds.

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All Butter Mini Biscuit Selection

Four varieties of mini biscuits: butterscotch chips; chocolate chips; chocolate and all butter. All made with real butter. Dia 33mm

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All Butter Victoria Straw

Sweet victoria straw made with all butter and topped with flaked almonds. Packed in foil for freshness.

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Ghiottini Individually Wrapped

Traditional bitesize biscotti made in Italy (7g). Crispy and taste of almonds