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After Dinner Mints

Thin, rectangular plain choc flavoured with peppermint oil, with crisp sugar crystals.

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Montelimar Nougat

Almond & pistachio nougat in dark chocolate.

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Nougat Neapolitans (No Chocolate)

Medium soft almond nougat. Vanilla, almond & honey flavour.

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Beaumont Belgian Selection

Selection of fine Belgian chocolates. 10 varieties.

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White Chocolate Flake Truffles

White chocolate truffle with a coating of white chocolate flakes.

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Dark Chocolate Flake Truffles

Dark chocolate truffle with a coating of dark chocolate flakes.

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Milk Chocolate Flake Truffles

Milk chocolate truffles with a coating of milk chocolate flakes. Palm oil free.

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Salted Caramel Chocolates

Contemporary shaped chocolates. Soft salted caramel enrobed in milk chocolate. A warm sweet caramel with a subtle salty aftertaste

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Smoked Caramel Chocolates (Dark)

Contemporary shaped chocolates. Soft caramel with smoked Maldon salt, enrobed in dark chocolate.

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Centho - Centhology Chocolate Selection

This 72 piece Centhology Chocolate Selection has been carefully created with a range of perfectly harmonised flavours. Perfect for petits fours or special occasions. The range comprises 72 pieces in 8 delicious flavours.