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Mini Buns - Neutral Orange (Frozen)

Mini frozen buns made with olive oil. Orange colour, with neutral flavour. Free from preservatives and no palm oil. Use: without heating: defrost the mini loaves 30 minutes at room temperature before serving. Oven: defrost the mini loaves for 15 minutes at room temperature and reheat for 4 minutes in an oven preheated to 180°C.

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Kadi Swiss Potato Rosti

"Shredded potato in vegetable oil, prepared to a traditional, delicious Swiss recipe, sealed for freshness in sterilised foil bags. Add rosti to frying pan without cooking oil. Slightly toss the rosti to loosen it, fry gently until golden brown., Add butter to flavour if desired., "

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Frozen Cocktail Mini Pizzas

Canapé sized mini pizzas: Swiss cheese with courgettes, sweet peppers or mushroom toppings.

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La Rose Noire: LRN Quiches

Handmade, finished mini quiches. 6 varieties: Leek & onion, pumpkin & blue cheese, tomato & mozzarella, spinach & fetta cheese, antipasti vegetables & forest mushroom. Convection oven at 130℃/266°F for 13mins. Deck oven at 160℃/266°F for 10mins

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La Rose Noire Vegetarian Tart - Antipasti Vegetable

Handmade, straight edge tart shell, filled and ready to serve. Comes in a bakeable tray. Either defrost and heat under hot lamp or warming tray, or place direct from freezer into oven.

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Chicken Liver Paté Quenelles (Frozen)

15 smooth chicken liver pate quenelles containing Port and Brandy, frozen in 16g quenelles. Perfect for topping steak or Beef Wellington.

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Duck Paté Quenelles (Frozen)

15 smooth and luxurious duck liver and cointreau pate 16g quenelles per plastic tray. Ready to pop out and serve.

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Red Lentil Paté Quenelles (Frozen)

15 unique and exciting lentil, sesame and coconut pate quenelles with warm spices and finished with a touch of honey. Great for topping fish fillets before baking them in the oven. Contains Sesame.

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Smoked Salmon Paté Quenelle (Frozen)

15 generous serving of traditional smoked salmon combined with CrÞme Fraiche and Dill. Perfect served in delicate, crust-free sandwiches with thinly sliced cucumber.