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Mokoya Organic Dark Pastils (66%)

"Mokoya Organic Dark Chocolate from the Chippas region Mexico., This plantation perpetuates the local age-old tradition of producing unique tasting cocoa beans., Initial Taste: Exotic fruit, litchi, honey, Core Notes: Nuts (almond & hazelnut), Aftertaste: Grilled fine cocoa, hot pepper, vanilla"

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Los Ancones Dark Pastils (67%)

"Organic dark chocolate (67% coaca). A wonderful liaison of liquorice wood, red berries and green olives followed by currant and apricot., Initial Taste: Coffee, liquorice, matÚ, Core Notes: Soft fruit, leather, old wine, Aftertaste: Currants, acidulated apricots"

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Mangaro Milk Pastils (50%)

"Milk chocolate Pastils(50%) made with cocoa from the Mangaro Plantation in Madagascar, Initial Taste: Salted butter toffee, Core Notes: Black honey, cappuccino, rye bread, Aftertaste: Hint of currants, butter coffee cream, crÞme br¹lÚe"

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Mangaro Dark Pastils (65%)

Initial Taste: Wooded/spicy, incence, cinnamon, pepper, Core Notes: Gingerbread, Aftertaste: Passion fruit, zest of citrus fruit

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Vila Gracinda Dark Pastils (67%)

"Initial Taste: Liquorice, Chinese tea, Core Notes: Flower Honey, cinnamon, rapadou (return of liquorice), green olive, Aftertaste: Black olive, slightly acidulated, overripe apricot, candied plump"

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Minigrammes Elianza Ivoire (33.5%)

White couverture pastils made with rapeseed lecithin (33.5% Cocoa solids).

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Opus Milk Couverture 38%

Exclusive Swiss milk couverture 38% of Madagascan origin, with meadow milk from the UNESCO Biosphere. The flavour notes are milk, cacao, forest honey, pear and cream-caramel.

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Felchlin: Costa Rica 70% Dark

Costa Rica couverture is 70% dark, with delicate hints of blackberry and banana, including hazelnut and green coffee flavour notes. Suitable for Vegans.

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Felchlin: Costa Rica 40% Milk

Costa Rica 40% milk couverture, with delicate hints of cacao, milk, roasted almond, honey and banana flavour notes.

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Opus White Couverture 35%

Grand Cru Opus Blanc 35% couverture, made only with milk from Swiss cows, certified origin UNESCO Biosphere. The flavour notes are milk, cream, floral honey, almond paste and vanilla. Special order only.

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Felchlin Caramelito (36%)

Milk caramel couverture 36%, with rich, creamy caramel flavour notes. Ideal for coating pralines and creating ganaches and mousses.

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Felchlin Sao Palme 75% Dark

Sao Palme 75% dark couverture, with rich flavour notes of coffee, sweet prunes and grapefruit. Suitable for Vegans.