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Chocolate Volcanic Disc 69% Single Origin

Dark Chocolate Volcanic Discs made using 69% single origin couverture. Supplied as 12 trays of 36.

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Chocolate Volcanic Discs Assorted Colours

Assorted Chocolate Volcanic Discs with natural vanilla flavouring in 6 varieties: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, with 3 white chocolate discs created using green, orange and pink natural colouring. Supplied as 12 trays of 36.

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Vanilla Fudge Pieces 10mm

Smooth and creamy vanilla fudge pieces - perfectly formulated for inclusion or decoration purposes. 10mm square.

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Mini assorted natural coloured dragees/sprinkles for decoration of cakes, ice cream, desserts and bakery products.

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Chocolate Coated Space Dust Sprinkle

Carbonated pieces of candy coated in milk chocolate, polished to a medium gloss.

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Plain Candy Floss

Plain white candy floss for topping desserts.

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Edible Silver Leaf

"Sliver leaf. Beaten metal leafs with a thickness of approx. 0.7 microns. Can be labeled as E174, 25 x silver sheets for decoration."