B11.20 - view more

Tart Shell Neutral 10CM

Pure butter medium round tartelette with fluted sides

HA31580 - view more

Plain Sponge Sheets

"Thin sheets of fresh-tasting, sweet, moist Biscuit Culinaire sponge cake. Typical odour of sponge cake (flour & eggs)."

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Vol Au Vent 8.5cm

"Round to slightly oval, cylinder-shaped, golden, flaky puff pastry, separate, slightly convex lid. For filling as required., Large slightly oval puff pastry case with separate lid"

TAR7170 - view more

Square Savoury Tart (7cm)

"Snack Tartelettes in square shape, to be used hot or cold. Coated, Savoury, contemporary square shaped tart with straight edges"

TAR7378 - view more

Round Carac Savoury Tart

These tartlets are made with Swiss butter and in addition they are free of palm fat.

U105.102.1 - view more

La Rose Noire: Medium Rectangle Savoury Tart

"Handmade, straight edge thin rectangular shape savoury tart. Made with butter and herbs and hand coated."

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Medium Cone Seaweed

Seaweed flavoured medium cone for filling

U105.207 - view more

Medium Cone Beetroot

Beetroot medium cone for filling.

U105.209 - view more

Medium Cone Onion

Onion flavoured medium cone for filling.

U105.254 - view more

Medium Round Green Tea Flavour Tart Shell - With Coating

Handmade medium green tea flavoured tart shell with a sweet coating made with natural vanilla extract. Supplied as 5 trays of 20

U105.288 - view more

Medium Round Savoury Tart

Handmade, straight edge tart shell, made with butter and herbs. Hand-coated with egg white.

U105.343 - view more

Gluten Free Medium Round Tart Shell

Handmade gluten free medium round tart shell. Supplied as 5 trays of 20.