HUG are an independent family business, stemming from central Switzerland. They have been baking specialties with select ingredients since 1877. HUG have formulated their own Magna Charta of Ingredients and they maintain a strong commitment to quality. Their company culture reflects innovation, tradition, sincerity, entrepreneurship, and thoroughness.

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Braised Rabbit Shanks with Merlot

by HUG

product: TAR7170

23 June, 2014


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Meringue Nests 7.5cm

"Round, cylindrical, white, contoured, for filling as required. Eggs used are Free Range , Round, off white, contoured meringue nests. Made with Free Range Eggs"

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Mini Quiche Tartelettes (MQT)

"Canape-sized, savoury pastry shell, ideal for filling with quiche, savoury mousse, etc., Semi-baked, savoury pastry shell. Sprayed moisture barrier"

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Frozen Cocktail Mini Pizzas

Canapé sized mini pizzas: Swiss cheese with courgettes, sweet peppers or mushroom toppings.

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Typical Swiss Chritmas Cookie. Delicate Almond and Cinnamon taste with eggwhite icing as well as the star shape makes the product specific characteristic of the seasonal specialty.

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Verbier Swiss Biscuit Selection

Vienna wafer: short pastry with apricot filling. Bricoti: Heart-shaped biscuit with caramel cream & swiss milk chocolate. Truffet: Meringue biscuit with cocoa truffle creme coated in milk chocolate.

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Zermatt Swiss Biscuit Selection

Chocobelle: Chocolate biscuit with cocoa cream filling and milk chocolate. Baladin: wafers with almonds & cocoa cream, enrobed in choc. Chocofin: short pastry with choc cream filling & chocolate.

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5cm Square Tartelette Sweet

Semi-baked, sweet wheat flour pastry shell, square with straight sides and smooth edge. Ideal for filling with fruit, crème patisserie, custard, etc.

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6cm Dessert Tartelette

"Baked soft sweet short dough and coated in the inside with Vegetable fat. Round with conical sides and crennulated edge. Ideal for filling with fruit, crÞme patisserie, custard, etc., Semi-baked, sweet wheat flour pastry shell, conical sides & crenulated edge"

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Tartelette 9cm Round Sweet

Golden brown tartelette baked from a delicate sweet short dough and coated with thin transparent vegetable fat. Round with conical sides and crenulated edge. Ideal for filling with fruit, cremes patisserie, custard, etc.

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9cm Round Savoury Tartelette

"Semi-baked, savoury mixed-cereal pastry shell, ideal for filling hot or cold with quiche, savoury mousse, etc., Large savoury mixed-cereal pastry shell"

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Round Savoury Tartelette 5cm

"5cm tartlettes are suited for cold as well as warm use. Can be filled with a spicy hot mousse for an aperitif or as an appertiser., Round semi baked savoury pastry shell"

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4.2cm Tomato & Basil Tarts

"Semi-baked canape sized tartlettes flavoured with tomato and basil, giving a taste of Mediterranean cuisine., CanapÚ sized tartelettes with tomato & basil"