Town & Country Fine Foods are proud to be the exclusive distributor of La Rose Noire in Britain.

In 1991, Gerard Dubois opened the first La Rose Noire patisserie, a 30-seat restaurant and cake shop, in the most prestigious shopping mall on Hong Kong island. From an initial selection of just 28 high quality items, La Rose Noire has turned into a globally renowned enterprise, leading the way in fine bakery and pastry products, with a range of over 500 exquisite varieties. Over the course of his career, Gérard has won numerous distinguished awards at some of the most esteemed culinary competitions, including the award for Best Dessert Book in the World 2012 for his cookbook “Crafted Passion”.

Passion sits at the heart of La Rose Noire. At their state-of-the-art facility in the Philippines, products are handmade, hand-filled and hand-packed to seal in the exceptional quality that has built their reputation.

Their extensive product range includes beautiful hand-crafted chocolate shells and décor made from 69% single origin couverture, handmade pastry cones and tart shells in sweet, savoury and neutral flavours, a delightful selection of frozen and semi-finished desserts and finally, a collection of durable product stands and holders for impactful serving and display. La Rose Noire’s iconic lines are perfect for memorable Afternoon Teas, Events, Banquets, Celebrations and Fine Dining.

La Rose Noire Foundation

Every La Rose Noire purchase benefits the La Rose Noire Foundation, a non-profit education institution, established to provide and maintain a scholarship fund for the benefit of underprivileged young adults in the Philippines. Their mission is to improve the well-being of the poor and marginalised sectors of local communities, by extending grants to young people and enabling them to benefit from their charitable, educational and social welfare programmes.

If you are planning for a year, sow rice. If you are planning for a decade, plant trees. If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people – Chinese Proverb

NEW! 4 x Large Tartes Passion

Introducing Large 8cm Individual & Captivating Tartes Passion in Caramel Almond, Lemon, Pear Chocolate & Apple Confit

Large Tartes Passion PPT.PDF


Hand-crafted Les ChouChous, Choux Buns

Tasty collection of Choux buns, topped with a coloured crunch & filled with crème pâte & jelly

LRN Les ChouChous.pdf


69% Single Origin Dark Chocolate Universe Shells

Create stunning out-of-this-world desserts with this unique range of chocolate shells

LRN Leaflet Chocolate Universe.pdf


Hand-crafted Chocolat Et Crème

69% single origin chocolate wave shell, generously filled with ganache in 6 flavours: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, pistachio & cinnamon.

LRN Leaflet Chocolat et Creme.pdf


Assorted Mini Tartes Passion

Hand-crafted mini tart shells coated in chocolate and filled with lemon, apple vanilla, pear chocolate, apricot almond, chocolate praline & caramel almond.

LRN Leaflet 2018 Large Tartes Passion.pdf


Enchanting Hand-crafted Les Bijoux Dessert

Intricate dessert with a sponge layer, flavoured filling, chocolate-coated crumble, topped with half a macaron shell dipped in chocolate & all sitting within a decorated chocolate shell.

Les Bijoux 2018 - output (002).pdf


Bright & Colourful Hand-crafted Chocolat Et Fruit

69% single origin chocolate shell hand-filled with a layer of pâte de fruit & topped with ganache, with 6 clean flavours.

LRN Leaflet Chocolat et Fruit.pdf


NEW! New Flavour Macarons

Introducing a fresh new range of deliciously flavoured Macarons for 2019, including Banana, Coconut, Cherry, Hazelnut, Mango, Milk Chocolate, Pistachio & Speculoos.

Non Azo Macarons PPT.PDF


NEW! Hand-crafted Exquisite Chocolate Creations

Introducing La Rose Dessert Cup, Dark Chocolate Comet, New Size Chocolate Shells, Couverture Curls & Chocolate Discs.

Chocolate Creation low.pdf


Hand-crafted Premium Tart Shells

From bite size mini to large, round shells to tall cones, whatever your requirements we are pleased to oblige.



Assorted Savoury Vegetable Tarts

Hand-crafted mini tarts filled with various delicious savoury fillings perfect for buffets, canapes & events.



La Rose Noire - New Macaron Flavours

8 new single flavour variants; Banana, Hazelnut, Cherry, Speculoos, Milk Chocolate, Pistachio, Mango and Coconut. Macaron shells are hand-filled with pâte de fruit and creamy mousseline filling and hand-splash finished. Made with non-AZO colourants.



La Rose Noire - Chocolate Leaves

Artistic Chocolate Leaves (in Dark, Milk and White Chocolate).



La Rose Noire - Chocolate Universe

Globe, crater, moon, & galaxy shapes available.



La Rose Noire - Chocolat et Fruit

Hand-crafted 69% single origin couverture chocolate shell with a layer of pâte de fruit and topped with ganache.



La Rose Noire - Large Tartes Passion

Hand-crafted tart shell coated in chocolate. Caramel almond, lemon, pear chocolate and apple confit flavours available.



La Rose Noire - Chocolate Creations

Featuring: Dark Chocolate Comet, Couverture Curls, La Rose Chocolate Dessert Cup and 69% Origin Dark Chocolate Discs



La Rose Noire - Les Milles Feuilles Tartes

Pre-baked tartes made with 24% AOP French butter. Hand-crafted with a neutral flavour, suitable for sweet and savoury filling.



La Rose Noire - Chocolat Et Creme

Hand-crafted 69% single origin couverture chocolate wave shell with ganache filling.



La Rose Noire - New Chocolate Shells

An overview of the exciting new chocolate shells release from La Rose Noire



La Rose Noire - Making the Baskets

A quick demonstration of how La Rose Noire hand make their sweet and savoury baskets.

Product shown in video: U105.66 Chocolate Mini Paniers



La Rose Noire - Making the Tartshells

A quick demonstration of how La Rose Noire hand make their sweet and savoury tartshells.



La Rose Noire - Making the Cones

A quick demonstration of how La Rose Noire hand make their sweet and savoury cones.

Product shown in video: U105.11 Sweet Cone



La Rose Noire Foundation

La Rose Noire Foundation is set to be the leading benefactor in serving and uplifting the lives of the underprivileged youth of society to become highly productive and promote competitive individuals in the educational and industrial community.



La Rose Noire - The Making of Crafted Passion

The making of the third in Gerard Dubois' series of cookbooks. Crafted Passion artfully displays the versatility of the latest creative line of products from La Rose Noire.

Product shown in video: U105.83 Crafted Passion




product: U105.242

22 May, 2019




product: U105.227

22 May, 2019



Fruity Crown

product: U105.215

22 May, 2019



After Eight

product: U105.243

17 April, 2019



Welsh Rarebit

product: U105.184

17 April, 2019



English Breakfast

product: U105.07

17 April, 2019



Whipped Smoked Cod Roe With Lime Caviar

product: U105.59

17 April, 2019



Country Park

product: U105.301

17 April, 2019



Boodles Famous Orange Fool

product: U105.201

17 April, 2019



Raspberry Bakewell

product: U105.301

17 April, 2019



Cold Tatin

product: U105.260

17 April, 2019



Meringue Pie

product: U105.247

17 April, 2019



Small Round Chocolate Shell - Connection


15 February, 2019



Recipe Collection 4


15 February, 2019



Recipe Collection 1


24 January, 2019



Mini Round Chocolate Shell - Sensation


15 February, 2019



Recipe Collection 2


24 January, 2019



Recipe Collection 3


15 February, 2019



Eclair Sweet Coated Tart Shell - Summer is Coming

product: U105.214

15 February, 2019



Medium Round Chocolate Shell - Tea Time

product: U105.244

15 February, 2019



Goats Cheese with Mango Chutney and Black Olive


12 April, 2014





11 June, 2014



Eagles Cappuccino




Salmon with Avocado and Teriyaki Sauce Caviar

product: U105.74.1

02 May, 2014



Cornetto Chocolate-Orange

product: U105.58

21 March, 2014



Toffee Pannacotta and Coffee Meringue


11 June, 2014



Summer Passion

product: U105.04

21 March, 2014





11 June, 2014



Sacher Mini Tartlet Version

product: U105.01

11 June, 2014



Sacher Tartlet Version

product: U105.05

11 June, 2014


U105.219 - view more

Passion Collection B

A selection of 6 varieties: Regular Macaron Caramel, Les Petitclair Pistachio & Cherry, Les Tartes Passion Apple Vanilla, Les Eclairon Vanilla & Raspberry, Les Chouchous Double Chocolate & Les Caroline Lemon.

U105.22 - view more

La Rose Noire: Green Tea Cone

"An elegant hand coated green tea flavoured cone. Thin, with excellent texture, taste & design., Comes with silver paper cup"

U105.221 - view more

Mini Round Speculoos


U105.222 - view more

Small Round Speculoos


U105.223 - view more

Medium Round Speculoos


U105.224 - view more

Assorted Petit Cheesecakes Frozen

Hand crafted frozen mini cheesecakes in 6 varieties: Marble, Raspberry, Caramel, New York, Chocolate and Blueberry. Graham Cracker digestive base, finished with decorative design. Ideal for individual desserts, afternoon teas, finger buffet or banqueting. Supplied as a mixed tray of 96 with 16 of each variety per tray.

U105.227 - view more

Mini Round Plain Chocolate Shell

Mini Round Plain Chocolate Shell. Made with 69% Single Origin cocoa. Supplied with tray for ease of filling.

U105.230 - view more

Mini Round Decorated Chocolate Shell

Mini Round Chocolate Shell made with 69% Single Origin cocoa. Hand painted with a contemporary decorative design (5 colour variants per pack: white, brown, yellow, pink and green). Supplied with tray for ease of filling.

U105.231 - view more

Medium Round Chocolate Shell With Flakes

Medium Round Chocolate Shell made with 69% Single Origin cocoa. Decorated with flavoured flakes (6 flavour variants per pack: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, lemon, green tea and caramel). Supplied with tray for ease of filling.

U105.235 - view more

Les Bijoux Frozen

Les Bijoux are created with a layer of sponge, flavoured filling and chocolate-coated crumble, topped with a half macaron shell dipped in chocolate. All encased in a La Rose Noire decorated chocolate shell made from 69% single origin couverture from South Philippines. Supplied as two mixed trays of 42 each, with 7 varieties: Vanilla, Pistachio, Mango, Caramel, Lemon, Chocolate and Raspberry, they are ideal for afternoon teas, events, banqueting and desserts.

U105.237 - view more

Artistic Chocolate Leaves (in Dark, Milk and White Chocolate)

Supplied as a mixed case: 9 trays of dark chocolate, 2 trays of milk chocolate and 1 tray of white chocolate leaves per case.

U105.238 - view more

Micro Round Chocolate Shell

Micro Round Chocolate Shell. Supplied as 9 trays of 100.