David Lyell Scholarship | Young Pastry Chef of the Year 2020

15 November, 2019


Young Pastry Chef of the Year 2020 is just around the corner! Win a Felchlin Training Course at the newly built Condirama in Switzerland! Sponsored by the David Lyell Scholarship, it's the perfect opportunity for chefs under the age of 23 to showcase their skills to a renowned group of judges, including Ross Sneddon, Benoit Blin, Mick Burke, Mark Poynton, Jerome Dreux and Liam Grimes. The semi finals this year take place in Glasgow, Sheffield and at Town & Country Fine Foods HQ in Slough, on Tuesday 3rd March. To enter, email shaune.hall001@gmail.com or call Murray Chapman on 0114 245 8696.

MCGB- Young Pastry Chef 2020.pdf