Product code: BFC250

Dessert Paste Raspberry (1.4% Alc)

Fresh tasting, strong and fruity. Paste-like consistency. For flavouring of jellies, milk shakes, toppings, ganache, butter, cream , sponge mix and syrup. Freeze and bake stable. Yield: 40:1000″

Pack size: 1 x 1kg

Piece size: 1Kg

Allergy Information

Allergen statement



Celery/celeriac No
Lupin No
Eggs No
Fish No
Soybeans No
Milk No
Mustard No
Peanuts No
Sesame seeds No
Crustacea No
Molluscs No
Tree nuts No
Gluten No
Palm oil (RSPO) No
Sulphur Dioxide No

Dietary Information

Vegetarian Yes
Vegan Yes
Lactose intolerant Yes
Coeliacs Yes
Halal approved No
Kosher approved No

Nutritional Information (Typical values per 100g)

kJ 751
Calories 177
Fat (g) 0.1
Carbohydrate (g) 37.3
Sugar (g) 32.5
Protein (g) 0.5


Flavouring Components: Natural flavouring substances, Flavouring preparation. Ingredients: Raspberries (35%), Sugar, Water, Citric acid, Colouring (Elderberry extract), Propylene Glycol, Modified Starch, Lactic Acid, Ethyl Alcohol.