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Cluizel Neapolitans

Michel Cluizel Premiere Cru wrapped chocolate squares.

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Black Jack Neapolitans 2kg

"Milk choc, ind. wrapped in assorted playing card designs (8.5 x 3.5cm) - Bulk box, "

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Chocolate Coins (Casino)

Solid milk chocolate coins. Individually wrapped in multicoloured foil with various casino coin designs

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Organic Mini Bar - Very Dark

73% cocoa. Organic dark choc: Organic (cocoa solids, sugar & vanilla). Gluten & Soya Free. Suitable for vegans.

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Lindor Almond Truffle

Milk chocolate truffle with a smooth melting almond filling.

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Orange Creams Wrapped

"Orange flavoured fondant coated with dark chocolate, in foil wrap"

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Lindor Classic Milk Chocolate Truffles 1 x 1kg

The original and most famous LINDOR chocolate truffle; a perfectly round chocolate shell made of the finest Lindt milk chocolate with an irresistibly smooth melting filling. For a guaranteed blissful moment to yourself every time.

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Lindor Hazelnut Truffle

Milk chocolate truffle with hazelnut pieces and a smooth filling.

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70% dark chocolate neapolitan individually wrapped in silver with white band.

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Wrapped Peppermint Crisps

Crispy peppermint filling coated with dark choc in foil wrap

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31% milk chocolate neapolitan individually wrapped in silver with white band.