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Premium Collection

Mixed selection of 6 hand-crafted varieties: Les Caroline Chocolate, Lemon Macaron, Les Eclarions Vanilla and Raspberry, Les Tartes Passion Caramel Almond, Les Chouchous Double Raspberry and Banana Cheeseclair. Supplied as 2 trays of 30. Delivered frozen defrost in the fridge for 4 hours.

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Les Bijoux Frozen

Les Bijoux are created with a layer of sponge, flavoured filling and chocolate-coated crumble, topped with a half macaron shell dipped in chocolate. All encased in a La Rose Noire decorated chocolate shell made from 69% single origin couverture from South Philippines. Supplied as two mixed trays of 42 each, with 7 varieties: Vanilla, Pistachio, Mango, Caramel, Lemon, Chocolate and Raspberry, they are ideal for afternoon teas, events, banqueting and desserts.

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La Rose Noire: Les Eclairons Assorted Mixed Double Flavours (frozen)

8 varieties of double flavours: Blackcurrant/Coconut, Mango/Chocolate, Pistachio/Cherry, Vanilla/Raspberry, Speculoos/Caramel, Dark Chocolate/Vanilla, Raspberry/Chocolate and Toffee/Banana. *Contains Beef Gelatine*

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La Rose Noire: Mini Double Flavour Macarons (Frozen)

Mini hand-crafted and hand-painted macaron shells with a layer of pate de fruits and finished with contrasting flavoured fruity mousseline. Flavour combinations include; Tiramisu/coffee, pistachio/chocolate, mango/coconut, lemon/raspberry, vanilla/cherry, hazelnut/caramel, cinnamon/apple, chocolate/banana and orange/chocolate.

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Assorted Petits Cheesecakes (Frozen)

Hand crafted frozen mini cheesecakes in 6 varieties: Marble, Raspberry, Caramel, New York, Chocolate and Blueberry. Graham Cracker digestive base, finished with decorative design. Ideal for individual desserts, afternoon teas, finger buffet or banqueting. Supplied as a mixed tray of 96 with 16 of each variety per tray.

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La Rose Noire: Macarons - Mixed Flavours (Frozen)

8 varieties in single sleeves of 9: Chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, earl grey, coffee, lemon, orange and salted caramel. Each is filled with a pate de fruit, giving an excellent flavour and is hand decorated. Dia 40mm. Once defrosted use within 3 days.

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Mixed Flavour Medium Macarons (Frozen)

Introducing a mixed case of 8 new single flavour variants; Banana, Hazelnut, Cherry, Speculoos, Milk Chocolate, Pistachio, Mango and Coconut. Macaron shells are hand-filled with pâte de fruit and creamy mousseline filling and hand-splash finished. Made with non-AZO colourants.

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Assorted Les Cheeseclairs

Mixed selection of hand-crafted Les Cheeseclair in 6 delicious flavours: mango, raspberry, passion fruit, coconut, banana and blackcurrant. Supplied as 2 trays of 36. Delivered frozen defrost in the fridge for 4 hours.

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Macarons Raspberry 4cm (Frozen)

Single variety, raspberry macaron filled with pate de fruit.

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Les Cones Passion Assorted

Mixed selection of hand-crafted chocolate cones with 7 delicious fillings: pear chocolate, apple vanilla, caramel almond, chocolate praline, lemon, crunchy bitter chocolate and raspberry truffle. Supplied frozen defrost in the fridge for 4 hours.

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Pastry layered with apple and sponge, topped with sweet toffee sauce and walnut pieces.

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Berry Cheesecake

A classic American style cheesecake with mixed berries and a crumble crisp top. Halal suitable. 7” cake, pre-cut into 12 slices.