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La Rose Noire: Cones On Sticks - Savoury Selection

"A selection of elegant hand coated savoury cones decorated with flakes, on black sticks., Thin, with excellent texture taste & design. 6 flavours (16 x Black Sesame, Italian Pesto, Curry, 14 x Soya Sauce, Bamboo Charcoal & 7 x Tomato)., Dia 25-30mm xH60 mm (stickH100mm)"

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Savoury Tartelette Rectangle 5.3cm

Mini, straight-edged, thin rectangular tart case. 53 x 28 x 17mm.

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La Rose Noire: Mini Cone - Pesto

Hand coated, pesto flavoured mini cone, with black sesame seeds.

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La Rose Noire: Mini Cone Sesame

"A mini elegant hand coated savoury cone with black sesame. Thin, with excellent texture, taste & design. Comes with silver paper cup"

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Olive & Rosemary Tart 4.2cm

4.2cm Olive & Rosemary Tartlette are suited for cold as well as warm dishes. Canape sized tartelettes with olive & rosemary.

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La Rose Noire: Curry Cone

An elegant hand coated savoury curry flavoured savoury cone. Thin, with excellent texture, taste & design. Comes with silver paper cup.

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Frozen Savoury Blini 2 inches*

A 2 inch (50mm) Russian Style Pancake (Blini). A baked product intended for warming and served with savoury or sweet toppings, Heat for 3 minutes at 200c / 400f / Gas 4. For best results, reheat from defrost. To defrost, remove blini from packaging and defrost fully in a refrigerator for approx 4 hrs., Traditional 2 inch diameter blini. Delivered frozen unless delivered via courier"

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Mini Snack Tartelettes Beetroot and Peppers

Coated to keep crisp for up to 8 hours.

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Halal certified mini savoury tartlette.

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Mini Round Green Tea Flavour Tart Shell - With Coating

Handmade mini green tea flavoured tart shell with a sweet coating made with natural vanilla extract. Supplied as 5 trays of 42

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Filo Pastry Bouchée

"Hand-made filo pastry baskets, lightly baked, ready for savoury filling of your choice"

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La Rose Noire: French Butter AOP Sable Breton Mini Round SAVOURY

Mini sable breton made with French butter AOP and parmesan cheese.