HA25050 - view more

Tartelette Round Sweet 4.5cm Butter

Round sweet tartelette shell with crimped edge

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Sweet Tartelette Rectangle 5.3cm

Mini, straight-edged, thin rectangle tart case. Coated on the inside. 53 x 28 x 17mm.

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La Rose Noire AOP Slim Sweet Mini Round Tart Shell

Shallow, slim, straight edge handmade tart shell made with AOP butter. Lined with white chocolate.

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Mini Round Strawberry Flavour Tart Shell - With Coating

Handmade mini strawberry flavoured tart shell with a sweet coating made with natural vanilla extract. Supplied as 5 trays of 42

TAR7093 - view more

Royal Dessert Tartelette (Crown)

"Fine short-crust pastry coated with colourless icing, Crown shaped fine short-crust pastry tartelette"

U105.298 - view more

Micro Paniers - Chocolate

Hand-crafted, micro sized basket, handcoated with chocolate. While stocks last.

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La Rose Noire: Mini Cone Lemon - Sweet

"A mini elegant hand coated lemon flavoured sweet cone. Thin, with excellent texture, taste & design., Comes with gold paper cup"

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La Rose Noire: Tarte Portion - Sweet

"Handmade, straight edge, cake portion shape tart, made with butter & vanilla. Lined with white chocolate"

TAR7333 - view more

Filigrano Tartelettes Rectangle Chocolate

Chocolate flavoured tart shell, with straight, thin edges and coated on the inside.

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Mini Round Sweet Tart 3.8cm

The tartlets are made with Swiss butter and in addition they are free of palm fat.

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La Rose Noire: Mille Feuille (Frozen)

Raw frozen puff pastry which can be used as both a sweet & savoury base

TAR7282.1 - view more

Sweet Tartelette Round 5.3cm

Straight-edged, thin round tart case. Coated on the inside. 53 x 17mm.