Burts Chips offer an award-winning premium snacking range.

Their thick cut British Potato chips are hand-cooked in Devon, with real taste, proper crunch, and made by real people.

We locally source the best Red Tractor Assured potatoes, slice and cook them in small batches, and season with the best flavours around, often sourced from local South West partners.

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Vintage Cheddar & Spring Onion Chips

Hand fried potato chips with vintage Cheddar & spring onion

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Thai Sweet Chilli Chips

"Hand fried potato chips with a classic Far Eastern combination of mild chilli with a background of sweetness, "

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Lightly Sea Salted Chips

Hand fried potato chips lightly sea salted

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Burts Devonshire Roast Beef Chips

Hand fried potato chips with roast beef flavour.

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Sea Salt & Malted Vinegar Chips

Hand fried potato chips with a classic malted vinegar and a subtle sprinkling of sea salt

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Burts Firecracker Lobster

A perfectly seasoned blend of meaty lobster and South Devon chilli for wave after wave of intense flavour. Gluten Free

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Burts Spicy Chorizo

"We take a smokey Spanish sausage to a new level by combining it with a delicious tomato chilli sauce for a real spicy fiesta., Gluten Free"