Dobla is a leading producer of chocolate decorations, chocolate toppings and chocolate cups. Dobla put quality and creativity first and endeavour to keep our products a continuous surprise. That is why Dobla collaborate with renowned pastry-cooks and chefs – in order to give our customers that incitement over and over again!

Chocolate Ring Dark



How to remove DO77010 Cannelloni Tubes from their packaging

A demonstration of how to remove the DO77010 Cannelloni Tubes from their packaging without breakage.



Chocolate Bar Mini Dark


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DO18139 - view more

Mini white chocolate flower pot shaped cup for filling and decor.

DO71163 - view more

Mikado XL

White chocolate fine tube circled with dark chocolate. Length 150mm.

DO71171 - view more

Panatella Dark (20cm Pencil)

DO77086 - view more

White Chocolate Snowball

White chocolate ball with sparkling sugar effect.

DO77126 - view more

Mini Cylinder White

35mm diameter white chocolate hollow cyliner with milk chocolate swirl decoration.

DO78213 - view more

Holly Leaf with Berries

Chocolate decoration with holly leaf design.

DO81125 - view more

Chocolate Mocca Beans

Plain choc flavoured with real coffee, finished to look like coffee bean

DO41165 - view more

Twister Dark/White

"A 'twister' shape of solid chocolate with dark brown colour and flavour combined with solid white creamy chocolate., Dia4.5mm, Length 37mm"

DO77189 - view more

Speckled Eggs - Multi-Coloured (Half Shell)

Three varieties of half shell eggs in blue, pink and yellow. Use halves individually or piece together to make complete eggs.

DO77314 - view more

White Chocolate Orange-Shaped Decor

Hollow, orange-shaped, coloured white chocolate.

DO78230 - view more

Diablo Spring

DO18145 - view more

White chocolate flower pot shaped cup for filling and decor, coloured pink.