Our suppliers

We work with leading suppliers and speciality brands that offer exceptional quality products

Such as La Rose Noire, Capfruit, Hug, Felchlin, Dobla and Cluizel.

We constantly look for fresh inspiration, new ideas, new products, and work with new producers. This is well illustrated with the development of exclusive distribution relationships with businesses who are at the forefront of their respective product categories, i.e. Tartelettes and Couverture.

At all times, we remain true to our original principles and maintain an ethos of quality to build strong business relationships at every level. We are constantly refreshing our range to ensure we offer you the best and most innovative products for your menus.

La Rose Noire

We are proud to be the exclusive distributor for the La Rose Noire (LRN) brand in the UK. The products have all been created by Gérard Dubois, a world-renowned Swiss Pastry Chef; they are hand-made and finished to an exceptional standard in the Far East. The business prides itself on the state-of-the-art production facilities and has ‘gone the extra mile’ in terms of its commitment to corporate social responsibility. The LRN range includes Tart Shells, Canapé Cases, Cones, Baskets, Chocolate Cups and Frozen Macarons and Eclairs.

La Rose Noire Product Guide


We are proud to be Capfruit’s exclusive importer and distributor into the UK Hospitality market. The brand and product quality is renowned internationally. Capfruit is committed to the production of exceptional quality fruit purees, by capturing the natural flavour of the world’s finest fruit varieties at their prime.


We have a long-established relationship with Felchlin and are proud to be the exclusive importer and distributor into the UK Foodservice market for this renowned Swiss chocolatier. The Felchin name is synonymous with high quality and true craftmanship. With more than 100 years of tradition, they are one of a rare group of chocolate manufacturers who cover the full process, from bean to finished product. Manufacturing and processing cocoa beans at their workshops in Schwyz, in the heart of Switzerland, their success can be attributed to their foundation in traditional production processes and specialist know how. Their strict Couverture Standards commitment guarantee the uniqueness and purity of every product.


In their own words, Dobla ‘give the perfect finishing touch to your dessert and pastry with chocolate decorations, chocolate toppings and chocolate cups of Dobla. We work together with world's best pastry chefs to give the pastry business that excitement over and over again. This way we develop creative, innovative, unique chocolate decorations.’


HUG is a proud family-owned business that began as a bakery in Lucerne, Switzerland over 140 years ago. We have been delighted to be their partner in UK Foodservice for over 30 years. The HUG motto in foodservice is: ‘We love your creativity’, and they support this ethos by offering high quality and creative products for all occasions. Tartelettes are the most versatile product of all and the leading product of HUG in the restaurant sector. They can be used very creatively as they can be filled in all sorts of sweet and savoury ways and lighten the everyday tasks of cooking, for pâtissiers and bakers.


We have a long association with Michel Cluizel and stock a wide range of chocolate cups, with their distinctive shapes and sizes – all created from their own couverture. Often referred to as 'The Goldsmith of Chocolate', Michel Cluizel is one of the finest chocolate makers in the world today. Creating superior quality chocolates since 1947 and is a true 'cacaofevier' (bean to bar maker).


We work closely with small artisan chocolatiers who create truly outstanding products, and Centho is a fine example. They choose to work with only high-quality products that harmonise with the pure concept of origin-chocolate. Through their expertise and passion, they combine fruit, spices & nuts to create delicious flavour sensations. Centho always selects the best quality cocoa beans from the equatorial regions of the world. Apart from the quality of the cocoa bean, other considerations include authenticity, sustainability, and ethics. Wherever possible, cocoa beans from Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade areas are used.